💫 Nature's Variety USA

We’re on a mission to transform the lives of pets. We believe that all pets deserve the best life possible. And if you ask us – it starts...

💫 Primal USA

Complete and balanced diet for all life stages Chicken raised without antibiotics or added hormones Naturally derived vitamins...

💫 Stella & Chewy's USA

Each Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw dinner morsel recipe is formulated to mirror a cat’s ancestral diet! There has never been a more...

💫 The Honest Kitchen USA

In 2002, we revolutionized pet food by creating a new standard, ‘human grade’ with higher quality ingredients and more safety standards,...

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Grandma Lucy's // Artisan - Chicken & Fish Recipe - 453 g
0 $16.50 +HST
Spc Ord
Grandma Lucy's // Moxie Turkey Recipe - 226 g
0 $18.25 +HST
Spc Ord
Instinct Raw Booster // Rabbit USA - 170 g
0 $19.75 +HST
Spc Ord
K9 Natural // Beef & Hoki Feast - 320 g
0 $34.50 +HST
Spc Ord
K9 Naturals // Lamb & Salmon - 100 g
0 $14.95 +HST
Spc Ord
Smack - Cruchy Style // Very Berry For Cats - 70 g
0 $5.50 +HST
Spc Ord
The Honest Kitchen // Grain Free Turkey - 0.907 kg
0 $30.75 +HST

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