High Protein Training Treats Made from just 5 natural ingredients, ACANA® High-Protein Biscuits are a great way to reward your dog with a...

Bellrock Growers USA

MAKE GREEN ROUTINE Make Green Routine! Cereal grasses like wheat grass contain lots of chlorophyll: the green pigment in plants that captures...

Benny Bully's CANADA

Since 1990 Benny Bullys® has been a leader in pet treat innovation – a pioneer in new pure natural pet treats. Made in Canada! No outsourcing!...


Air Dried Treats! Simple high value training treats! Perfect for that jackpot reward! Processing and cooking of pet treats denature some...

Canadian Jerky Company 🐕

Canadian Jerky Pet Foods offers a premium selection of pet treats and food, using locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients carefully prepared...

Caru USA

What sets our products apart: Carefully selected, human grade ingredients. • We start with USDA inspected poultry or meat, plus veggies...

Crumps' Naturals CANADA

Crumps’ Naturals was established in 2006 by a husband and wife duo in a garage in Caledon, Ontario Canada. Since then, we have grown into a...


EarthPup was founded by Lucy Cullen, an award-winning environmentalist, sustainability expert, and bonafide dog lover. Lucy worked in restaurants...

Exeter Farms CANADA 🐕

At Exeter Farms, we strive to give your pet the best all natural treats around! Our Canadian owned company produces quality treats for your best...

Granville Island Pet Treatery CANADA

Our pets are our children. This is at the core of our being and can be found in every single one of our products, from Nutra Bites to our amazing...


All of our products are single ingredient! We like to say, what you see is what you get, a duck foot is a duck foot and a chickens foot a chicken’s...

Jones Natural Chews 🐕

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ Rockford, Illinois


Kettle Craft CANADA

Hand Crafted in Canada using naturally and regionally sourced ingredients. Kettle cooked in small batches. Simmered and then cured for total...

Open Farm Treats CANADA

Ethical Sourcing We're committed to feeding your pet the best, only using ethically sourced ingredients. We partner with family farms that raise...

Open Range CANADA

HIGH STANDARDS Our proprietary supplier certification program establishes and ensures a set of standards respecting animal raising, treatment,...

Orijen Freeze Dried Treats CANADA

Made from 100% meat, our high-protein dog treats are gently freeze-dried to pack in flavor and all of the natural nutrients your dog needs to...

Oven-Baked Tradition Treats CANADA

Ideal for training, offer your dog a soft & chewy grain-freee chicken and pumpkin treat! Whether to help with training or simply to make him...

Presidio // USA & CANADA

Pill Buddy Naturals and Off Leash Training Treats :) Pill Buddy Naturals will accommodate almost any size pill or capsule intended for dogs—simply...

Red Barn USA

At Redbarn, we aim to be the best. To us, that means continually investing both time and money into our quality assurance programs— purchasing...

Ruffio USA

Hi! I’m so thrilled to have you on this journey with me! I created Ruffio out of the burning desire to give my dogs the highest level nutrition...

Spot Farms USA

At Spot Farms we set out every day to make the best treats for your dog using the finest ingredients available. We partner with farm families...


Not all treat companies have been good boys. In fact, many contain bad things that won’t do your doggo any favours. That’s why our founder,...

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Benefiscuits Natural Bones // Antler -  Small
0 $16.75 +HST
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Benefiscuits Natural Bones // Antler -  Medium
0 $19.95 +HST
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Benefiscuits Natural Bones // Antler -  Large
0 $31.50 +HST
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Etta Says - Premium Crunchy Bars -  each
0 $3.69 +HST
Spc Ord
Etta Says! // SiT! - Cheddar Cheese - 170 g
0 $9.45 +HST
Spc Ord
Etta Says! // SiT! - Oat and Peanut - 170 g
0 $9.45 +HST
Spc Ord
Etta Says! // SiT! - Pork and Bacon - 170 g
0 $9.45 +HST
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go dry combo lol
0 $19.99 +HST
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Kane Pet Supplies // Natural Pig Ears -  each
0 $2.95 +HST
Spc Ord
Nulo Pet Food // Freestyle Trainers - Duck - 113 g
0 $10.95 +HST
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Nulo Pet Food // Freestyle Trainers - Salmon - 113 g
0 $10.95 +HST
Spc Ord
Nulo Pet Food // Freestyle Trainers - Turkey - 113 g
0 $10.95 +HST
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Red Barn Puffed Collagen Braid - 6 inch
0 $4.75 +HST
Spc Ord
Sunway - Extra Thick Bully Sticks - 6 inch
0 $7.95 +HST
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Sunway - Extra Thick Bully Sticks - 12 inch
0 $13.50 +HST
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The Honest Kitchen - Bone Broth / Goat's Milk Bites
0 $13.50 +HST

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