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Local organic food is good for people: it keeps farmers in our rural communities, protects farmworker health, reduces the risk of cancers, and works towards a sustainable, food secure community.

Local organic food is good for our planet: it reduces fossil energy used to make agri-chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, improves soil fertility and carbon sequestration, and increases biodiversity.

Alska Farm - Ferrelton, Québec

This maple syrup is made on a family farm in the Eastern townships of Quebec. It takes forty litres of sap to create one golden litre of their...

Amy's Organic Soups & Frozen Meals USA

Amy's Kitchen is a family business… with every member of the family taking part. The company was started in 1987, when Amy was born. Her mom...

Bekings Eggs - Oxford Station, Ontario

Eggs, “the way they're supposed to taste", is the promise that John and Cora Beking make to their customers. They currently manage a flock...

Ferme L'eau Du Russeau - LOCAL

When it comes to the beef itself, you really can taste the difference between our grass-fed beef and what you’d find at the grocery store....

Frozen Fruits and Veggies!

Chilly and great for smoothies, great back up in the freezer when you don't have fresh! Thaw them out and guests will never know the difference...

Fruit Juices & Kombucha

Kiju, Culture Kombucha, RISE, and Santa Cruz Organic. Fruit juices and Kombucha are delicious! They make your tummy feel pretty happy*, especially...

Jardin Santé - Mirabel, Québec

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter nos produits. Nous avons cuisiné des produits Biologiques de première qualité. Nous sommes une entreprise...

Juniper Farm - Wakefield, QC

Juniper Farm is a 200-acre, diversified, organic and biodynamic farm nestled in the Gatineau Hills, minutes away from the village of Wakefield,...

Les Fermes Marcello - LOCAL

Les Fermes Marcello is a family-run business with a creative team determined to craft quality foods. Over time, we’ve forged strong links...

Little Stream Bakery - Perth, Ontario

Little Stream Bakery hand crafts each loaf of its naturally leavened (no yeast added), stone ground flour bread using only organically grown...

No Dairy Please!

Don't have a cow, have some soy or almonds instead!

Nuts to You Butters! - Paris, Ontario

Nuts to You Nut Butter Inc. is proudly Canadian since 1989 - a small family-run business. They make amazing nutty butters for so many uses!

Organic & Natural Dairy

Organic dairy is an area that you can be proud to be part of. From the lack of growth hormones to feed that's free and clear of gmos, if you...

Organic Fruit

When we can get locally we will! Otherwise, rest assured that no matter the time of year, our produce is refreshingly organic!

Organic Groceries

Soon to be divided into handy sub sections, ability to shop by maker or section throughout the whole site coming soon! Until then, enjoy the...

Organic Meat (Frozen)

Whether you buy organic, free range, backyard farmed, or factory farmed meat is your choice made based on ethical, environmental, or financial...

Organic Pasta & Sauces

Easey Peasy :) :)

Organic Vegetables

A root vegetable is like the filter of the soil, and we make sure ours are totally organic! As well as all of the other long, leafy or round...

Prana Organic - Montréal, Québec

PRANA is born out of a love of food and a belief that food can fuel appetite for life. We promote wholesome living through good nourishment....

Snacks & Soda

Local or organic, sometimes one, sometimes the other! We can get behind both of these ideas!

Treat & Dessert

Bring on the sweet stuff!

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Bath Bombs Wonderlust
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Earth's Choice, Virgin Coconut Oil - 350 ml
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Food Delivery Fee -  each
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Historical Links - Carillon Earrings -  each
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Historical Links - Diamond Earrings -  each
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Historical Links - Mobius Earrings -  each
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Historical Links - Paw Earrings -  each
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Hocus Pocus Wonderlust
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Kidsak // Reusable Snack Bag -  Small
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La Belle Verte // Mayan Vegetarian Chilli - 1 L
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Soaps Wonderlust
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Spooky Art Print Mini
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Spooky Cards Wonderlust
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